HEGA Horizontal Multi Stage Pumps


Brief Introduction
HEGA-Horizontal Multi-stage Pump is the new multi-stage product series, the excellent hydraulic
performance and structure of which have enabled low cost running for customers under various

Technical Parameter:
Suction Diameter: 40~250mm Discharge Diameter: 25~200mm
Max. capacity: 500m /h Max. Pump Head: 395m 3
Max.Working Pressure: 4.0Mpa Max. LiquidTemperature: 110 C o
Sealing: Gland Packing or Mechanical Seal
Revolution Direction: Clockwise (Viewed from motor side)
Standard: Q/FP2104-2004

Application Range
HEGA-Horizontal Multi-stage Pump is mainly used for conveying pure water or liquid with minor particles and similar to water in physical and chemical sharacter. Its application range covers paper mill, water supply company, liquid boosting system, cycling and cooling system, fire-service station, refinery, irrigation system, high pressure water station, etc.

Product Feature:
Segmental, horizontal, equipped with closed impellers, the multistage pump type includes ten different sizes, two to thirteen stages of each. The axial thrust of pump is mainlu balanced through the unique structure consisting of double wearing ring, labyrinth orifice sleeve and pressure relief pipe, while angular contact ball bearings share the residual. Impellers of different sizes can be installed in each pump so that customers requirement for various performance and low power consumption will be fulfilled in maxium. For pump type between HEGA25 and 80, the pump feet of inlet side are located in the center of first stage. Intlet direction can be adjusted appropriately for different isntallations. Normally driving is located at the inlet side.