XFLO - Where Excellent Flows

Welcome to the Website of XFLO Pumps. Manufacturers of wide range variety of industrial pumping products. XFLO's current range of products are offered to enter new markets for all those companies that require quiality and endurance of heterogeneous pumping products. As efficiency and reliability are prime importance, we are constantly proposing innovative improvements and solutions based on real application to ensure the right products are chosen for specific application. To Provide a competitive market and be partner for a companies, we would be pleased to receive your requirements and be your solution


All pumps are factory ready for a trouble free installation to maximise manufacturing flexibility. Generally are located in manufacturing and process industries, agriculture, in commercial buildings and also for water treatment and waste water

Every component parts inventory are maintained at a relatively high level to ensure that we always carry sufficient stocks to meet anticipated demand

TO help users to calculate and predict all operating conditions of the pumps are one of our services

We maintain keen component cost prices for our pumps and spareparts to ensure all product prices remain competitive

Maintaining high standards to ISO 9001 for quality, and attention to detail are of paramount importance in the growth and development of the company

Besides XFLO Brand, we are also manufacturer for OEM Pumps Products in which all products follow strict control of quality